The 5 best ways to treat viral fever at home

Viral fever bringing you down? Here’s how you treat it at home.

Viral fever is a recurring problem in the country, especially brought on by frequent weather changes. While a blood test can ascertain if you have it or not, simple home remedies can make you feel better in a shorter time.

Try these:

1 Take to your bed. Viral fever saps you of your energy and causes aches and pains in the body. You may experience anything from a heavy, painful head to a sore throat, and from an aching back to complete lethargy. It is always a good idea to rest when you are diagnosed with viral fever. Follow your doctor’s course of retroviral medicines for about four days till the fever dissipates and you get your energy back, and sleep as much as you can.

2 Apply cold compresses with an antibacterial liquid. The best viral fever home remedy is purging the fever out of the extremities. The simplest way to do this is to apply cold water compresses on the head, which is the focal point of fever. Add a few drops of mild antibacterial liquid to cold water, soak a clean cotton kerchief in it, and squeeze out the excess water. Now fold the kerchief and apply it to the forehead, keeping it there till the compress becomes a little warm. Repeat the process, using cold water every time, for at least 45 minutes.

3 Tank up on detoxifying liquids. Most people have a slew of viral fever home remedies, all of them involving drinking healing teas and concoctions that fight the infection. The best cures come from ginger tea, basil tea, lemon and honey juice, and even fenugreek water. You can make fresh tea by steeping ginger pieces or basil leaves in hot water and having it thrice a day. These fight inflammation and infection. Or you can mix 1 tablespoon honey in a glass of lemon juice, to help the body develop more antibodies. Or soak fenugreek in a glass of water overnight, and drink the water on an empty stomach the next day. All of these viral fever home remedies remove the fever toxins from the body and cure you faster.

4 Eat cooling, nourishing foodstuff. Viral fever comes and goes in phases, and it heats up the body internally and causes dehydration. Milk, yoghurt, lemon, honey, aloe vera, green tea, ghee made from cow’s milk, and green leafy vegetables help hydrate the body and keep it cool when the fever rises.

5 Wash your clothes and bedding separately, using antibacterial liquid.Viral fever is not contagious, but it leaves behind germs in your clothes and bedding. Once you have recovered from the worst of it, you should wash your clothes and bedding in a separate laundry load and add a measure of antibacterial liquid to the load for complete disinfection.