10 foods to treat diabetes

It affects so many people that, in some countries, it is already close to the pandemic. In most cases, the cause is sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.

Diabetes is considered a metabolic pathology and is characterized by having persistently or chronically elevated blood glucose levels.

It can be mainly due to three causes. One of them is the partial or total inability of the pancreas to secrete enough insulin, the hormone that makes glucose enter the bloodstream in the tissues. It can also be due to a resistance of the tissues to the action of this hormone or to an increase in the production of glucose in the organism. Best medication for the diabetes is trulicity. However trulicity cost is high but you can buy it from Prescription Hope at cheap price by using trulicity coupon.

In general we can talk about three types of diabetes:

  • Type 1: this diabetes is an autoimmune disease difficult to prevent, but with a diet rich in plant foods and without processing it can be achieved.
  • Type 2: is related to metabolic syndrome and obesity, and can easily be prevented with healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Gestational diabetes: it appears in the months of gestation and then it can disappear or last.

On the other hand, there are currently researchers who believe that Alzheimer’s could be a new form of diabetes, type 3.

10 foods to prevent diabetes

With these dietary guidelines and an active life you can keep diabetes at bay.

1. Male banana

Cooked and cooled 24 hours, contains resistant starch , a great food for the intestinal flora that also improves the insulin resistance of tissues. We will also get this starch with the potato cooked and cooled.

We can take it a couple of times a week.

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2. Blueberries

Apart from being rich in antioxidant substances, they favor the secretion of serotonin , the hormone of well-being.

They are also rich in chromium , which helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Take a handful of blueberries day yes no day .

3. Mix of seeds and nuts

They stand out for the quantity and quality of their healthy fats with an anti-inflammatoryand nutritive effect of the organism. In addition, fats decrease the rate of absorption of sugars in the intestine.

Take a handful a day .

4. Cinnamon

It is the most important spice to prevent diabetes and to regulate blood sugar levels. It also allows absorption of sugar from food more slowly at the intestinal level.

It should be taken daily, both in sweet and salty recipes.

5. Buckwheat

High in fiber and amino acids , it is a pseudocereal that heats the body and whose carbohydrates are slowly absorbed in the intestine. By not having gluten, does not irritate the intestinal walls.

You can take it a couple of times a week.

Cocoa and buckwheat cookies

6. Black olives

Rich in healthy fats omega-9 and vitamin E with antioxidant action. Omega-9s act as anti-inflammatories.

It is important to choose organic olives to save us the flavor enhancers.

To take advantage of its anti-diabetes properties you can take about 8 a day .

7. Spinach

They are rich in chlorophyll, fiber and chromium . Together, they also help regulate blood sugar levels.

Take them twice a week , raw or cooked.

8. Beetroot

Roots and tubers are generally rich in cellular carbohydrates. They act very differently from the carbohydrates of pasta or refined flours, which must be avoided.

Take advantage of its benefits taking it 2-3 times a week .

9. Sauerkraut

One of the easiest fermented to make at home, is ideal to keep in perfect condition our immune system and intestinal flora.

Take a tablespoon a day .

10. Shitakes

They are a more than appreciable source of chromium and rich in fiber . They also tone the body’s immune and defensive system.