Advice to parents of an asthmatic child for school and sport

Parents of asthmatic children should know that asthma is by no means a taboo disease or a debilitating disease and let them know that their child should lead a family, school, social and sporting life like any other child. which of his comrades, with the only condition to observe correctly and regularly the treatments prescribed by his doctor. Best medication for the astma is symbicort inhaler. However symbicort cost is high but you can buy it from Prescription Hope at cheap price by using symbicort coupon.

For this, parents – and, gradually, the child – must have a good understanding of asthma, the goals of prescribed treatments and the importance of regular drug intake.

1. General:

Follow the prescribed treatment scrupulously

Asthma is a chronic disease whose seizures are unpredictable: the best way to avoid them is to scrupulously follow the treatment prescribed by his doctor, explaining the difference between treatment and treatment of the crisis.

The behavior of the parents

The behavior of the parents largely depends on the acceptance of the disease, the adhesion or the negligence, even the abandonment of the treatment by the child.

A flow meter at home

To follow the evolution of the child’s asthma, it is useful to have at home a Peak-Flow, or flowmeter, which has been prescribed by the doctor. It is a small, simple device that is used to measure peak expiratory flow at any time to determine the degree of obstruction of the child’s bronchi. An abacus gives the norms according to the age, the size and the sex of the child.

A notebook

For more objectivity on the day of the consultation, it may be interesting to record in a notebook the measurements of the peak flow, as well as

2. At school:

Individualized reception project

Knowing that the average child spends 35 to 40 hours a week at school, and sometimes more; we understand the importance and the difficulties of observing asthma treatments in public or private schools.

The new Individualized Reception Project (PAI), a ministerial circular (Circular No. 99181 of 10 November 1999), should facilitate the integration of sick children into the school. It is therefore crucial that the regulatory and organizational material obstacles find their solutions and that parents, institutions, attending physicians and school doctors combine their efforts to better monitor treatment at school.

An order for acute crisis care

The mother of the asthmatic child must inform the teacher or asthma teacher of his child and ask the attending physician to make two prescriptions for him. The first contains the usual daily treatment, specifying the doses, the schedules of the catch and the route of administration of the products. The second prescription proposes an emergency care protocol in the event of an acute crisis, specifying the measures to be taken and the actions to take, the medications to be administered and any useful information to the emergency doctor.

To this end, the IPA makes it clear that “these exceptional and emergency-related cases must lead adults in the school community to make every effort to ensure that injectable treatment can be administered while waiting for help to arrive; they must be strictly defined by the emergency care protocol”. These orders are intended for the national education doctor, to whom they can be addressed directly by the attending physician, in order to respect medical confidentiality as well as possible.

It is obvious that each time the attending physician changes the basic treatment, a new prescription is sent to the school doctor.

The bronchodilator

The texts also specify that parents must become aware that they are and remain responsible for their child. Parents should ensure that their child has a bronchodilator permanently on him or her whenever he or she feels the need.

3. Sport:

Profit :

Sport is good for the child with asthma. Knowing that the anatomy of the respiratory system in children continues its formation until the age of 7 to 8 years, the physical activity allows a harmonious development and a normal growth in the smallest asthmatics; later, it makes it possible to avoid and fight against the inevitable thickening of the bronchi and thus their shrinkage related to the chronic inflammation and, consequently, to delay the appearance of a dyspnea of ​​effort or, at some, the appearance of post exercise asthma.

To avoid: diving and horse riding

Two sports are to be avoided: scuba diving with a bottle including among old asthmatics, riding which is a relative contraindication. Indeed, it is not recommended for children who have allergic asthma and who therefore risk sensitization by this practice, horse hair is extremely allergenic.

Stress asthma

The choice of a sport for asthmatic children depends on their tastes, their possibilities and the intensity of exercise-induced asthma, or exercise asthma, also called post exercise asthma, triggered in school often at the end of a lap or endurance race (800-1000 meters), which usually occurs 5 to 10 minutes after cessation of the effort in the form of coughing or shortness of breath with whistling. Stress asthma is short-lived and is easily prevented by pre-warming and by taking an inhaled bronchodilator or cromone.


Swimming is the most recommended sport for asthmatics, in the absence of allergic rhinitis or atopic dermatitis (eczema), with certain precautions (avoid getting cold, drying hair …). Team sports, ball games and sequential games, giving the player some respite, are well tolerated by asthmatics.

Indoor sports (confinement, dust, air conditioning, etc.) can interfere with allergic asthmatics.

Improved tolerance to effort

In sports, the mother and the asthmatic child must know that by the tolerance to the effort the physical activity backs the appearance of a dyspnea of ​​effort in the long term and remains the best preventive treatment of the asthma chronic.

The occurrence of exercise asthma should not prevent the practice of a sport, on the contrary, the physical activity, the training with the effort improves the tolerance of the asthmatic to the effort. At the insistence of the child who uses this alibi to escape school sports activities, the famous exemption for the endurance test must not be requested by the parents to the attending physician.

Olympic Champions

To worried parents, it is worth recalling the large number of politicians, artists, musicians, writers who have lived with their asthma as well as famous sportsmen, Olympic champions or world record holders in their category. , despite their asthma.