8 Reasons It’s Healthier to Avoid Prescription Painkillers

If you are considering the use of prescription painkillers for a painful condition, there are some things that you must know before you step onto that slippery slope. Each year, over 15 million Americans begin abusing prescription drugs due to their seductive and strong influence on mood and behavior. Teens are most at risk for abuse, as prescription drugs are easily obtained and not so closely monitored by local law enforcement. Prescription drug use also contributes to the largest number of overdose deaths, with over 22,000 deaths alone in 2017. The most common cause of death was attributed to some sort of opioid painkiller.

While prescription drugs do have their place in medical care, there are options for the management and treatment of pain that do not have to involve the use of prescription drugs. Introducing your body to foreign substances is never preferred if you can use something natural that is more easily assimilated with minimal lasting consequences. Here are 8 reasons it’s healthier to avoid prescription painkillers, if you can manage without them:

1. You’ll be healthier overall.

There is not a single drug manufactured today that does not have some kind of potential harmful side effects; why introduce your body to those damaging chemicals if you don’t have to? All systems of the body can be affected by the use of prescription drugs, so if you have natural methods of pain management at your disposal, it is recommended that you use these natural means and natural substances.

2. You’ll reduce risk of death.

With an estimated 22,000 deaths each year attributed to the use and abuse of prescription drugs, it seems clear that not starting to use them is the best prevention against premature death. Finding natural forms of pain management will help you to live the long, healthy life you desire.

3. You’ll keep your job.

A typical sign that addiction is taking over your life is the loss of a job and other important relationships in your life. The addicted will at first blame external circumstances, people, and situations for this loss, but as they become more aware of their problem, they must acknowledge that the losses incurred are a result of use and abuse. Stopping before you even start is insurance that you will be able to keep your job and be able to manage your relationships.

4. Your bank account will be healthier.

Over time, it becomes clear that addiction takes its toll on finances as well. As insurance companies fail to cover the cost of excessive prescription refills, you will most likely have to come up with additional costs out of pocket at the expense of other areas of your life. Avoiding prescription painkillers will ensure that you have more money in your account for other types of self care.

5. You will experience emotions the healthy way. 

Addictions to drugs and alcohol tend to cloud and numb the emotions, which is exactly what a person wants when they are in the throes of emotional and physical pain. Experiencing authentic emotions once more–and realizing that they are a temporary barometer to help you find the assistance that you seek—will allow you to find solutions to physical and emotional pain much faster.

6. Your social life will be healthier.

Many people experience volatile mood swings and paranoia as a result of always trying to obtain and use drugs. You’ll actually be more fun to be around when you are not using them. Learning to be more authentic with people and enjoy true relationships will become the foundation for your quality life.

7. Your endocrine system will be healthier.

Over time, prescription drugs can take their toll on your endocrine system, and intricate system of hormones that regulates everything from your body temperature to your brain chemicals that balance mood. When your endocrine system is fried, it can throw your whole body off balance. Allowing your body to naturally find a state of ease and rest is, in the end, far better than introducing harsh drugs and chemicals that can compromise your system.

8. You won’t experience “dead ends” in your life.

Use and abuse of prescription drugs is a “dead end” activity; no good can come of it long term. The outcome of drug use and abuse is far worse than any temporary discomfort you might feel as a result of physical or emotional pain. Realize that there are things you can do to manage your pain and anxiety that have nothing to do with prescription drugs, and seek treatment using alternative forms of therapy to once more take control of your life and your health.

If you would like more information on prescription drug addiction, please visit: https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/prescription-drug-addiction/