Are psychotherapy results real and lasting?

Many a times people go for psychotherapy and they claim that they are experiencing a lot changes in their life. However after some time we see them in the same rut going through the same unproductive patterns and behaviours. This makes us wonder whether one should really use psychotherapy and whether it is useful to visit a therapist if one is not going to experience any results. The question therefore is whether psychotherapy results are real and if they are real are they lasting?

There are no straightforward yes or no kind of answers. Many factors come into play here and only when all the factors at play work in tandem the results could be experienced. To start with you need to find the best Århus terapeut. If you think that you can select some random therapist and experience excellent results then you need to be extremely lucky. You better take time to pick the right therapist so that your time as well as your money is not wasted.

Secondly, if you want therapy to work for it is it not sufficient that you hire the best Aarhus terapeut but is also even more crucial that you put in your share of the efforts. Therapists efforts are only 25% and another 75% of the efforts come from you. Therefore you should be giving your best when it comes to therapy.

Thirdly, consistency is very important. When people are not consistent with their efforts they do not get the expected results. How consistent are you when it comes to your therapy? Are you visiting your therapist regularly or are you irregular. For the results to show you, it is vital that you work with the best therapist and that you are regularly meeting him or her.

For the results to last, the therapist can give you tools and techniques but you need to live your life. So is your therapist giving you adequate tools and techniques? Are you able to bring about changes in your life with those tools and methods suggested by your therapist? If yes, then the ball is in your court, you need to adhere to those lifestyle changes recommended by your therapist. What is the point in having the best Aarhus therapist to support you if you are not going to follow what they recommend?

Those who sincerely follow the therapist’s guidelines will be able to find the best results and many people have found psychotherapy highly effective. Their lives have changed dramatically and those changes have lasted for life. It is possible for you too to experience the same. You will just need to get started with the right disposition. If you are not careful in making your choices, you could end up losing your time besides losing the money on the therapy. You are in total control and you need to believe that so that you are not playing the blame game when things do not work.

Lene Søe is the author of this article on aarhus terapeut. Find more information about Århus Terapeut.